• Partial success: Russia’s oil sector adapts to sanctions

    After sixteen months of Western sanctions against Russia the picture of their efficiency remains ambivalent. The sanctions on oil exports have proven effective in achieving the objectives: reducing Russian budget revenues while avoiding destabilisation of the world market. However, the sales of Russian oil have increased and the Russian state budget still earns money.
    by Filip Rudnik
  • Europe’s Gamble and the End of Russia’s Oil Power

    Due to its own lack of reforms and decisiveness, Russia played second fiddle as a prime mover on oil markets for

  • Venezuela is a cheap gamble for Moscow

    For Russia challenging the US self-proclaimed 'sphere of influence' in Venezuela is a very cheap gamble, says our security expert Mark Galeotti. An airplane with armed men, a couple of threathening statements, and flexing of some muscles is all it costs. Rosneft investments in the Venezuelan oil industry could suffer. But that is probably an affordable loss and shrewd political calculation.
  • Economic stability in 2017, uncertainty in 2018

    Higher oil prices, state investment and Central Bank interventions have maintained a relative stability in the Russian economy

  • Russian gas supplies to Europe on the rise

    Politics is politics, but money is money. Three years after the adoption of the EU Energy Security Strategy in Brussels not much has changed.