On May 18 Dmitri Trenin, director of think tank Carnegie Moscow, presented his views on the tensions between Russia and the West at a conference in The Hague, organised by the Clingendael Institute, Nederlands Genootschap voor Internationale Zaken and RaamopRusland.  He gave his speech before the Dutch decision was taken to hold Russia legally responsible for the downing of flight MH-17.

debat whoistoblameIllustration Nanette Hoogslag

by Dmitri Trenin

Russian-Western relations have not become history. Countries within the European Union basically have left history behind them. But in the relations between Russia and the West the end of history has not come and will not come in the foreseeable future. 25 years ago we had hopes for that. But these hopes have been dispelled and not because of lack of trying. Frankly, I blame the West as the stronger party. Of course, Russia has its own share of mistakes, but can you really compare Russia in its disarray in the 1990s under president Boris Yeltsin with the victorious West?

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