• In his speech at the Nobelprize ceremony in Oslo Muratov said: 'The caravan keeps moving not despite, but because of the dogs barking'. These dogs are the journalists: 'We growl and bite, we are the prerequisite for progress'.
    by Dmitri Muratov
  • Fifteen years ago journalist Anna Politkovskaya was killed in the entrance to her appartment. The murder was never solved. As the Kremlin cracks down on independent media, journalists say that Politkovskaya's worst fears materialized.
    by Robert Coalson
  • The Kremlin Crackdown.The end of the free press in Russia. In her October Lecture Galina Timchenko sheds light on the bumpy history of independent journalism in Russia and answers the question: are we returning to Soviet times? After the lecture there will be a debate with the Dutch publisher Derek Sauer, who for more than 30 years facilitated and funded independent media in Russia.
  • A rare show of solidarity between pro-Kremlin and independent journalists helped investigative journalist Ivan Golunov stay out of jail. In an article for CodaStory, Eva Hartog explores the motives of pro-Kremlin journalists who decided to protest.